Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre is committed to promoting high profile cultural, scientific and educational events and activities through its public libraries located in Al-Jouf and Al-Ghat regions. The Centre also sponsors a development program that supports and disseminates research and studies through two of its publications; namely: Adumatu, a refereed journal specializing in historical heritage and archaeology of the Arab world, and Al-Joubah, a literary and cultural magazine. The Centre encompasses both DAR Al Uloum in the city of Sakaka, and DAR Al Rahmaniah in the province of Al Ghat. Each of the two buildings has male and female sections. The Centre is funded by Abdulrahman Al-Sudairy Foundation.

The Cultural Centre was established according to a Royal Order supporting earlier efforts of the late Amir Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al-Sudairy (May God bless his soul), the Governor of Al-Jouf region from 1362 through 1410AH. He initiated the establishment of the first public library in Al-Jouf region in 1383AH, under the name of DAR Al Uloum (lit. “The House of Knowlege“) in his sincere aspiration to contribute to the cultural renaissance of the local community and to set in motion a cultural quickening through programs and cultural activities in which the locals themselves will participate and to which they contribute.