Emir Abdulrahman Bin Al-Sudairy Library

Emir Abdulrahman Bin Al-Sudairy Library

This library is exclusively for men and has an area of six hundred and fifty square meters (650 m2). It was first opened to the public by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz – God bless his soul – on the date 17/11/1425H corresponding 29/12/2004 AD.

The library consists of:

The private-reading hall:

In addition to the public reading area, Prince Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al Sudairy Library offers its visitors a number of private reading rooms where visitors and researchers can read and work in full privacy in a comfortable and independent setting.

Internet Corner

This area offers free internet service that permits visitors to surf the internet and benefit from the information it has to offer.

Meetings and Training Sessions Hall:

Prince Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al Sudairy Library has a multi-purpose Hall that can be used to hold meetings and various training sessions. The hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment that the visitors can benefit from when holding cultural, official and private events.

Periodical books and publications section:

This section of the library consists of a collection of periodical books and publications that ensures the library serves all the needs and requirements of the local community in Al Ghat region and other surrounding areas. The library is keen on updating its special collection of all the latest periodical books, articles and publications.

Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre Publications:

The library has a special section dedicated to the publications specifically issued and promoted by the Centre.

Special Collections Corner:

The library is currently in the process of establishing a special collections corner that includes all the publications and articles published on Al Ghat and Sudair regions. This section is also in the process of establishing an additional special section related to research, studies and publications on palm trees.