Publishing Project

Publishing Project

The Publications Program

This division deals with all types of studies and literary achievements and is keen on shedding the light on all outstanding accomplishments and goes on to encourage creative and intellectual production and dissemination of authentic and distinctive studies.

Publication Areas:

1. All studies related to Al Jawf and Al Ghat areas.
2. All types of outstanding literary achievements (in accordance to what is mentioned in item (8) of the Terms of Publication).
3. Other studies not related to Al Jaouf and Al Ghat region (in accordance to what is mentioned in item (8) of the Terms of Publication).


Publication works include authoring, translation, research and editing.

Terms and Conditions:

a) All studies must be objective, authentic and meaningful, and they must be documented in accordance with the scientific methodology.
b) The article must be written in a clear and accurate way.
c) If the work is translated, then the original version must be submitted along with the translation, after receiving consent from the author.
d) The work must be submitted in a computer printed format on A4 size paper and should be accompanied by a copy saved on a CD-ROM.
e) All photographs and illustrations attached with the work must be clear and suitable for publication.
f) If the work is creative literary work, then it must be characterized with technical excellence and written in clear Arabic language (fus’ha).
g) The volume of work – according to the format it will be published in – must be as following:

  • Books: should not be less than one hundred pages, of the size mentioned above.
  • Research published in the journals issued by the Foundation: Subject to the publication terms and conditions set forth for these publications.
  • Brochures: Not more than one hundred pages (each page should have no more than 250 words).
  • The Foundation will grant the owner free copies of their work after it has been published, in addition to a suitable financial reward.
  • All material submitted is subject to arbitration.