Al Ghat is one of the northern provinces of Riyadh region through which passes the interstate highway (Al Riyadh – Sudair – Al Qassim – Al Medina Al Monawara). Of an area exceeding 4,000 square kms, Al Ghat is famous for its beautiful geographic landscapes that range from dense sandy dunes (Uraiq Al Buldan), beautiful highlands (Tuwaiq Mountains), wide plains (Al Hamada and Al Mustawi), in addition to a number of valleys and gulleys.

Apparently, the name ―Al-Ghat‖ seems to derive onomatopoeically from the sounds and echoes that pervade the valleys during seasonal torrential rains.

Al Ghat province is also famous for its natural and archaeological sites, such as Kasham Al Erniah, Al Qalta, Al Dira, Al Zuwailieh, Al Marqab, Bir Al-Hoti’eh, and others.

Thanks to its rich fertile soil, abundance of water and beautiful weather, Al Ghat province is one of the best agricultural areas in the region and is home to an abundance of palm trees that produce the best quality dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The city of Al Ghat is the birthplace of His Excellency Amir Abdulrahman Al Sudairy, where he was raised and lived with his family, and despite the lengthy times the founder spent away from his hometown he was keen on visiting it frequently accompanied by his sons and daughters. In the year 1424AH (2003 AD), based on the Founder’s wishes, his offspring decided to establish a Cultural Centre in the city of Al Ghat which they named DAR Al-Rahmaniah. This Centre is a division of the Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Foundation, and receives its own independent funding. Its vision and goals derive from the main vision and goals of Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre.