Bio of Amir Abdulrahman Al Sudairy:

  • Born in Al Ghat in the year 1338AH (1920AD).
  • Governor of Al Jouf Region from 1362AH – 1410AH (1943 – 1990 AD)
  • Founder of the first library in Al Jouf
  • Founder of the first women’s library in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Founder of Abdulrahman Al Sudairy’s Foundation in the year 1403AH (1983 AD).
  • Poet, his Diwan, titled ―Poems,‖ was published in the year 1403AH (1983 AD).
  • Author of one of the most important works on the history of Al Jouf region, titled: The Desert Frontier of Arabia - Al Jouf through the Ages. The first edition was published in 1406H (1986 AD), reprinted again in 1426AH (2005 AD).
  • His hobbies included: Breeding Arabian horses and camels, cultivating palm trees.
  • He passed away on 26/03/1427AH (26/03/2006 AD) (peace be upon his soul).