DAR Al Uloum: Facilities & Services

DAR Al Uloum: Facilities & Services

Arabic Books Section

The Arabic books section hosts more than 40,000 books in various fields of knowledge that offer a wealth of information. The books and references are arranged on open shelves, according to the Dewey decimal classification system.

Foreign Books Section

The foreign books section consists of more than 10,000 books in different languages and various fields of knowledge that offer a wide range of information (monographs, encyclopaedia’s, atlases, guides, etc.)

Periodicals Section

This section consists of a wide range of periodical publications, exceeding 250 in number, to which DAR Al Uloum subscribes; these include newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.

Special Collections Section

This section is limited specifically to Al-Jouf area and consists of a number of publications on a variety of important topics associated with the region, including facsimiles of more than 65 rare manuscripts, documents, old numismatic collections, stamps, among other invaluable books and information.

Audio and Video Section

This section consists of films, videos and DVD discs and CD’s that contain footage of all the cultural activities that were previously held. The DAR Al Uloum uses the latest technological equipment and devices to capture and record all the proceedings of its seminars and events, then saves them on discs and puts them up for display in this section for the use of interested viewers.

Internet Section

This section offers all its visitors wireless access to the internet services in both buildings. In addition, permanent stations have also been set up where visitors are able to access indices and call numbers of books in both Arabic and Foreign sections, along with all the required information and services available on the internet.

Technical Divisions

These divisions work to enrich, maintain, and organize the libraries’ materials and resources and facilitate their optimal benefit:

  • Exchange and/or donation of copies
  • Acquisitions
  • Technical Servicing and Indexing
  • Reference Desk Services
The Park Library

This small section of the library was added to the area facing the main Headquarters, after re-designing the gardens, in order to allow families and their children enjoy all available entertainment activities. The idea to allocate a small library building in the garden sought to give a cultural atmosphere to the evening visitors of the gardens. The library is perfect for all age groups and invites its visitors— outside the formal setting of the main library— to enjoy reading the material of their choice, be it newspapers, magazines or other topics. In addition, it also offers its visitors the opportunity to be able to enjoy meeting their friends freely in an open cultural atmosphere setting.

Days of Operation:
  • Weekly, from Sunday to Thursday (Except public holidays)
Hours of Operation:
  • Morning: 8:00 am – 13:00 pm
  • Evening: 16:30 pm – 19:30 pm