The original goal of the Abdulrahman Al-Sudairy Cultural Center was to undertake the management of Dar Al-Uloum Library by providing the necessary funding to improve and expand the library’s services and to transform it into a major, state-of-the-art center for scientific and literary research. In addition, the Founder insisted that the Center further serve the Region of Al-Jouf in the following respects:

  • Managing and administering the Center’s Public Libraries in Al-Jouf and Al-Ghat.
  • Helping preserve the archaeological and cultural heritage of the Region
  • Supporting studies and disseminating information relating to the Region
  • Issuing a monthly magazine
  • Building a mosque, hospital, and kindergarten

The motivation of the Founder, Amir Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al-Sudairy (may God bless his soul), to create a cultural center in the Al-Jouf region stemmed from both his personal aspirations and his sense of responsibility to the region where he served as governor. He sought to serve the region he loved in both a cultural capacity and an official capacity, and was able to successfully combine charitable service to the local region with his governmental responsibilities, setting thereby the example of the citizen who is loyal to his country and to his nation.

The Founder developed a mission and objectives to guide the ongoing actions and decisions of the Center in the future. He also put it on the road to achieving some of its early goals. During his lifetime, his dedicated supervision and unfailing support were both motivating and encouraging to all those involved in the Center. The help and support of many individuals, including the efforts of the local citizens of Al-Jouf and their willingness to offer their time, energy and ideas, contributed significantly to the Center’s early success and the promotion of its ongoing projects.

Again, the Founder set forth great goals for the Center, and began implementing them by establishing a public library in Al Jouf region which he first named ―"The Public Library of Culture"; it welcomed and encouraged visitors to enjoy reading a wide variety of books it had to offer. He then went on to supply the library with additional publications available at the time, and turned the library into a location where interested members of the community could come and add to their knowledge through reading and borrowing books, magazines and other publications made available to them. Such initiatives went in tandem with those of propagating the formal school education of boys and girls in both Urban and Bedouin areas.

Later on, The Library of Public Culture was renamed Dar Al-Uloum (lit. ―"The House of Knowledge") and its services expanded to include a variety of cultural activities of interest to the local community. During this golden era the Founder (peace be upon his soul) decided to establish Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Foundation to administer and fund Dar Al-Uloum in Al-Jouf region from an endowment he created that helps maintain its continuity and cover its expenses within an institutional framework in line with the evolution of cultural and technical knowledge in contemporary societies.