The Founder

His Excellency Amir Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Al-Sudairy was born in the city of Al Ghat in the year 1338AH/ 1920 AD. He served as governor of Al Jouf region from 1362AH to 1410AH (1943 to 1990 AD).

During his term in office, Amir Al-Sudairy devoted his life to serving his nation in general and the province of Al Jouf in particular, and was keen on helping members of the community grow and develop within the region on all levels. Not only did he encourage them to participate in the cultural and social activities and initiatives that were implemented in accordance to his vision, but also believed strongly that a human knowledge should not be limited to the education one receives. He believed that one’s knowledge should include honing his/her skills, gaining additional in-depth knowledge, and investing in community service. Consequently, to implement his vision he strived and worked tirelessly in his official and personal capacities, smoothed barriers, fulfilled the community’s needs directly without the need of any interventions, and managed thereby to touch the hearts and lives of his people.

The Founder’s entrepreneurial work is clearly evident in the public library he established and in other similar initiatives that were near and dear to his heart. The library he established for women is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thanks to his vision and initiatives, Al Jouf region managed to achieve significant progress in many important areas such as public education, health care, agriculture and economy, to name but a few.

His initiatives stemmed from his deep sense of duty towards serving his community because he believed in the importance of planting the seeds of knowledge and raising awareness in order to build a strong, knowledgeable and sustainable community that would serve the country as a whole. Hence, Abdulrahman Al Sudairy Cultural Centre is an establishment that is founded on strong solid beliefs that value the importance of promoting, building, maintaining and sustaining a cultural-knowledge based community that strives to empower all its members and serves the nation at large. The Pilot Initiatives of the Founder

  • Camel racing: This was the first camel race to be organized in the Kingdom and was held in 1383AH / 1963 AD.
  • Farmers Contest: This was the first farmers contest to be organized in the Kingdom and was held in 1393AH / 1973 AD.
  • Local Carpet Exhibition: During which a new award was created and granted to owner of the best local carpet in the year 1385AH / 1965 AD.
  • Scholastic Excellence Awards: generous financial prizes awarded to high achieving students at the end of each of all three stages of the educational system in Al Jouf Schools.

Al Jouf Week: An annual cultural and heritage festival that focuses on developing innovations and local initiatives and raising the spirit of competition among members of society within the region; some of its highlights included, but not limited to: Camel Racing, Farmers Market Competition, Local Carpet Exhibition. The first festival was held in 1385AH, and represented an opportunity to introduce and shed light on Al Jouf region and its rich heritage to all the other regions of the Kingdom.