Research Funding

Research Funding

Research Funding Program

This program supports all research projects, thesis and studies related to Al Jawf and Al Ghat regions and aims to encourage researchers to explore new areas of research and shed the light on new idea’s and areas of interest.

A) General Terms and Conditions:

Providing financial support to the academic research and scientific thesis presented to universities and research and scientific centres, individual research, and other research associated with non-academic institutions.

The research topic or thesis must be related to Al Jawf or Al Ghat regions.
The research study or topic must be original and not a repetition.
The researcher or submitter must be submitting this material for the first time.
The researcher or submitter must submit a support request accompanied by a research plan.
The project proposals are subject to scientific evaluation.
The Foundation has the right to determine the minimum and maximum funding granted.
Upon receiving approval for funding, the researcher is forbidden to make any major changes to the material they submitted, unless this is discussed in full detail with the foundation beforehand.
The researcher must submit a copy of their resume.

B) Special Terms and Conditions for carrying out Research:

The researcher must abide by all the terms and conditions set forth in General Terms and Conditions (paragraph A).

The proposal should include the following:

A full description of the research to be carried out, this includes the Research Topic and Objectives, Action Plan in all its stages, and the time required for completing the Research Project.

Detailed budget of the research project requirements, this includes equipment and all other necessities, expenses required for travel, transportation and accommodation, names of all participants in the Research Project, such as students, assistants, technicians; and the expenses required to process, analyze and print the information and data.

The researcher is to determine whether the research is being sponsored by another party.

C) Special Terms and Conditions for Scientific Letters:

In addition to all the terms and conditions regarding carrying out research (item B), the researcher is committed to the following:

The topic and action plan of the Scientific Letter must have been approved academically, and the researcher must submit written proof of this approval.

The researcher is to submit a written recommendation from the supervisor supervising the thesis that confirms approval of the action plan.

Field Research

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